"The mind is everything, What you think you become" - Buddha


Clean and highly effective energy resources are needed for a sustainable future due to the depletion of the fossil fuel resources. Fuel cells with high-energy efficiency have attracted much attention as environment friendly energy conversion devices. Especially Direct Methanol Fuel Cell(DMFC) systems are anticipated to emerge as viable alternative power generators in the near future. Electro catalysts are the most important component to fuel cells, Pt/C and PtRu/ Care the most commonly and commercially available electro catalysts. They are very expensive and consumes 35% of the cost of a single fuel cell. The Department of Energy (DOE) have been using 0.4mgofPtcm-2 and in 2017DOE targets to achieve the consumption of platinum group metal electro catalysts will be reduced to 0.125mg cm-2.In order to overcome this drawback, better alternative or Pt free electro catalysts are needed. The catalysts should possess better catalytic activity, low cost, good charge transfer, corrosion resistance and increased durability. The present propos all aysit semph as is on the synthesis of high surface are aperovskite materials at then an oscale dimensions, by accost effective novel method. These perspectives would definitely shed light on economic conservation with reduced cost and increase durability offuel cells. Thus this planned work will meet out the requisites of the nation to over whelm the energy crisis in addition to research publications and patents.