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Dr. C . Vadivalagan M.Sc., (Ph.D).      | DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT

Vadivalaganis one of the organizers and he has joined SAARP since 2009, following 6 years working in nature conservation with biotechnological invention, most recently as Scientist and Director of Research and development cell. At SAARP, Vadivalagan's main role is to ensure that the Trust's charitable objectives are met by working closely with the trustees and staff to develop and deliver the strategic vision, and to ensure the onward sustainable research and development of the Trust. He is member of many academic and scientific bodies such as IZSC (International society of zoological science), Bharathiar University Alumni, SCB(Society for Conservation Biology), ALCG (Asian Lepidoptera Conservation group) and Connect DNA barcoding. He is editor in Journal of Entomology and Applied Science Letters and Reviewer in many Journals like, African Journal of Biotechnology, European Journal of Experimental Biology, and European Journal of Zoological Research. He has worked in conservation biology for over six years, and has done B. Sc., in Zoology, M. Sc., in Animal biotechnology and also, he has completed Doctorate in Animal Biotechnology-Zoology (Interdisciplinary) which is mainly focused on "Molecular identification of butterflies and host plant association using DNA barcoding with protein ligand interaction".He has published many research articles in reputed National as well as international Journals and book chapters. Till now he has published more than 100 GenBankand BOLD Data among this many of the species in new record in BOLD database.A keen molecular biologist, and with a lifelong passion for biotechnology, Vadivalaganis spending as much time as possible discovering the sustainable biotechnological development in agricultural as well as medical field.