"The mind is everything, What you think you become" - Buddha

What We DO

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SAARP Vision

SAARP was formed by the benevolent, laborious, and eminent and educationist persons of the society, who dedicated to serve the society in terms of various welfare programs in all streams. Only with its limited resources, SAARP has been trying hardly in fulfilling its objectives and to integrate, organize, concretize and democratize the people for the overall development of the welfare state.     The vision of SAARP is to assist the community in and around society to achieve improved health, sports, Technological development and socio-economic status. Maximum concentration is being given to science and technological development for rural people, the economically deprived, exploited, harassed, sexually abused, tormented people who need more support to survive and in achieving equality. It also aims to facilitate high quality at low cost, health services and community health with active participation of community. Youth-oriented programs are also the target area, as they are the builders of our nation. Even with limited resources, the organization was able to reach many underprivileged women, children and youth of the society through dedication, devotion and untiring efforts by involving like-minded professionals. It is pledged to act in close coordination with the government and other like-minded NGOs and funding agencies for the development and delivery of services.