Support For Senior Citizens

Support For Senior Citizens

Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

(A) National Policy on Older Persons: The National Policy on Older Persons (NPOP) was announced in January 1999 to reaffirm the commitment to ensure the well-being of the older persons. The Policy envisages State support to ensure financial and food security, health care, shelter and other needs of older persons, equitable share in the development, protection against abuse and exploitation, and availability of services to improve the quality of their lives.

The primary objectives are:

• To encourage individuals to make provision for their own as well as their spouse’s old age;
• To encourage families to take care of their older family members;
• To enable and support voluntary and non-governmental organizations to supplement the care provided by the family;
• To provide care and protection to the vulnerable elderly people; to provide adequate healthcare facility to the elderly;
• To promote research and training facilities to train geriatric caregivers and organizers of services for the elderly, and
• To create awareness regarding elderly persons to help them lead productive and independent life.

NPOP seeks to assure older persons that their concerns are national concerns and they will not live unprotected, ignored and marginalized. It aims to strengthen their legitimate place in society and help older people to live the last phase of their life with purpose, dignity, and peace. It provides a broad framework for inter-sector collaboration and cooperation both within the government as well as between government and non-governmental agencies. The Policy also recognizes the role of the NGO sector in providing user-friendly affordable services to complement the endeavours of the State in this direction.

While recognizing the need for promoting productive ageing, the policy also emphasizes the importance of family in providing vital non-formal social security for older persons. Nodal Union Ministry Responsible For The Senior Citizens 9 In the year 2010, the Ministry constituted a review committee under the Chairpersonship of Dr (Mrs)V Mohini Giri to assess the present status of various issues concerning senior citizens and to draft a new National Policy on Older Persons; in view the changing demographic pattern, socio-economic needs of the senior citizens, social value system and advancement in the field of science and technology over the last decade,. The Committee, after holding several consultation /regional/ subcommittee meetings with the stakeholders, submitted the draft National Policy on Senior Citizens, 2011 on 30.03.2011.

A New National Policy for Senior Citizens is under consideration. The recommendations

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