Who We Are

We are here not for income, but for outcome

SAARP Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation based in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. SAARP stands for “Science Awareness Association for Rural People” started in the year December 2009, with a group of experts and research Scholars with the main motto as “Science for everyone” and “Science for the Social Change”.


  • Registered under Tamil Nadu Trust Registration act 1975, with Reg. No: 215/2009
  • Registered under Income-tax (Exemptions 12A & 80G) of Income-tax Act 1961

Our Philosophy

SAARP Foundation believes that introducing science to the rural people would change their perception towards their means of earning, their health problems, their food and other habits, their environment and the issues they face in agriculture, thereby making them capable of creating their ways that would lead to their freedom of changing their lives to a better one


SAARP Foundation was formed out of conversations and lively debates of its founders, and the influential and supportive friends who were there in the early days. They were there when its purpose was defined. They were there when it was named and they were there when the first person was hired – the person who would set the standard for all of the others who followed.


The primary beneficiary will be government School students. Government school curriculum helps children grasp complex concepts through SAARP hands-on Science methods. In the purest sense, hands-on Science is learning by doing. It involves teaching the students on how to observe everything around them and plan a process to test their hypothesis, put the process into motion and drive it to successful completion. In the end, they should be able to explain the results they have obtained from the process.

Our Team


SAARP, the divine dream of Dr. V. Chellasamy, has announced him as a best benevolent personality in a thirst of serving mankind. The motto is simple but smart with Man centered but not money centered which progressed from dream to a real. His natural intuition has been sculptured in the form of a Trust “SAARP” with fellow members with similar perspective of thoughts immense desire of developing the ancient science with the modern technology to understand, reproduce and interpret with advanced science for the betterment of human beings.

Basically he is a good intellectual with a deep insight in ancient and modern science, possesses sound knowledge on ancient texts and often tries to relate them with modern phenomenon. He also tries to develop a holistic approach to what he is undertaking. The research interest has streamlined as Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Siddha, Philosophy, Nanotechnology, and Renewable Energy. He proved his eminence through publications as well as presentations in conferences and seminar.

His passion towards nature and its divinity flourished in a diversified “ancient-nano” renaissance such as, nanomaterial synthesis adopting ancient techniques, natural products from organic agriculture. Also he is generating funds through entrepreneurship through branding of their natural products and spends all for the welfare of the needy. Also, he could holds the pulses of common man who drowns in wrong belief, ignorance, poverty and illiteracy and thus involved himself as a dedicated social worker to empower the deprived society through social, economic and children’s educational development.