Science Education

Most people learn more by doing things rather than by just reading, watching or hearing about it. As such, providing hands-on learning can have a profound effect on learning in schools, particularly on science teaching

Sustainable Environment and Conservation

Sustainable development has gained momentum as a larger movement over the years. We now associate it with improving living standards, poverty alleviation, nutritional improvements, minimizing social and cultural instability and resource depletion.

Native Medicine

Considerable knowledge accumulated by the villagers and tribals on herbal medicine remains unknown to the scientists and urban people. Many plant species associated with the rural people are on the verge of disappearing and are on vulnerable list.

Rural Development

While 60% of India’s population is directly dependent on agriculture, its contribution to the country’s GDP is only 20%, indicating overdependence, unemployment and underemployment in the sector. With more than half the country’s populations’ direct dependence on this sector, we believe that there is a need to bring paradigm shift towards agriculture and its numerous tangible and intangible benefits

Disaster Management and Response

SAARP Foundation has responded promptly and extended immediate relief and long-term rehabilitation support to affected communities in the wake of the following disasters in the state

Research and Development

Between 2009 to 2018 SAARP was involved in Research and Development in all the parts of Tamil Nadu by various research in taking the Science for Everyone concept. Currently SAARP is functioning in Mackinampatti village near Pollachi, Madurai, Coimbatore and Virudachalam.